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  1. wapy says:

    I have to say my first game was probably the same you did, the one about guessing numbers 😀 I remember making the game and guessing the number on the first attempt some three times, so the professor thought I cheated on the code… Which I didn’t.

    But console aside, my first was Pong and not so long ago :/ I wasn’t much into the game-making anyway, since I’m not particulary into it (more into playing them, maybe!)

    Anyway, I belive the advice you’ve given is pretty much what most people really need to know 🙂 I’ve seen many peers trying to start big and then having to give up after a lot of work was done simply because there was no way of going further. And they had to go into simplier thing, which are apparently working better for them.

    And you’ve done a lot of games. But I am not surprised.

    • That’s the advice I give to everyone who asks me. There’s just so *many* different things you need to know to make any medium-sized game that it’s much easier to start small and learn them one at a time as they’re needed.

      For instance, Hangman is pretty much a static game – the image is only updated whenever you try to guess a letter. On the other hand when I moved to Arkanoid, I had to learn about creating a game loop since it’s a real time game that needs to be updated constantly. Later when moving to Sokoban I learnt about keeping a map representation in memory and navigating it using the arrow keys. Animation, artificial intelligence, physics, sound, screen transitions, game object models, pixel and vertex shaders, the list is infinite.

      As long as you keep making simple games and trying to top yourself each time, you’ll eventually have to deal with each of these problems, and learn how to tackle them, one at a time.

      Either way, knowing how to program, and *well* is the first step. Sometimes I see beginners online that want to learn how to make games right away when they can’t even make an hello world application. 😀

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